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Health protection


For Zarubezhneft, the well-being of employees is one of the key priorities, therefore, in order to maintain health at the workplace, the NESTRO WELLNESS program was launched in 2021. The goals of the program are to ensure decent working conditions, support and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, professional and personal development of the team without harm to health.

The main directions of the project:

  • organization of a health care system at the workplace;
  • disease prevention and medical care;
  • vaccinating employees;
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • providing psychological support to employees.

In 2021-2022, the program provided support for foreign assets, for example, the delivery of pharmaceuticals to Cuba or vaccines against COVID-19 to Vietnam; provided psychological assistance with the involvement of professional psychologists to employees and members of their families; information sessions were held on the principles of a healthy lifestyle (in person and online).

In the future, it is planned to develop the NESTRO WELLNESS project in the following areas:

  • first aid training of medical assistants in offices and at production facilities;
  • development of a unified concept of medical examination for the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies;
  • continuation of the program of vaccination and psychological assistance;
  • continuation of information campaigns: «Increased physical activity», «Healthy weight», «Anti-smoking campaign», «120 and 80», etc.

Fight against COVID-19 at Zarubezhneft

Coronavirus was the hottest topic in 2020-2021. To date, the company has sufficient experience in countering the spread of this disease.

Already at the first signs of an increase in the scale of the pandemic in subsidiaries, together with the Corporate Center, plans were promptly formed to counteract the negative consequences of the coronavirus for different scenarios of the development of the situation — normal operation, preparation for responding to a potential threat, active actions in the event of a sharp increase in diseases, and the state of emergency (ES). Command and staff exercises were held at the fields and offices to practice actions when a sick employee is identified.

Accompaniment and support centers for employees and their relatives who have become ill with coronavirus have been created at the Corporate Center and subsidiaries; there is a program of psychological assistance for employees who have undergone COVID-19 with the involvement of specialized psychologists.

Now Zarubezhneft is ready for any scenario. Today, immunization of personnel in the Group of Companies is 95%. Any employee can take an antibody test, be vaccinated and revaccinated at the place of work with the right to choose a vaccine.

Despite the difficult situation with the coronavirus, Zarubezhneft managed not only to maintain the uninterrupted operation of the Group of Companies, but also the health of employees: since the beginning of the pandemic, not a single case of infection has been admitted at production facilities.