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Zarubezhneft operates in 7 countries. The company’s portfolio includes producing, oil refining and service enterprises. 

The main specialization of Zarubezhneft is the development of complex fields onshore and offshore using methods of maximum recovery of reserves. The company is implementing a comprehensive program of innovative development, introducing modern technologies for enhanced oil recovery and geological exploration.

Areas of activity

Geologic exploration and hydrocarbons production

The Upstream segment is a key segment for the Group of Companies and includes assets that are in operation and at the exploration stage, as well as new projects. In total, the Upstream segment includes 22 assets.

Oil refining and marketing

4 enterprises of the segment in Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) carry out retail and wholesale sales of petroleum products, supply of compressed natural gas, production of motor oils and lubricants.

Service and other assets

This segment is support for the core business of Zarubezhneft. Priority is given to the fulfillment of the Group’s internal orders, as well as participation in the implementation of technological development programs to improve the efficiency of production activities.

Scientific institutes

The Zarubezhneft Group of Companies includes the leading Russian industry research and design institutes VNIIneft (Moscow) and Giprovostokneft (Samara).


The goal of Zarubezhneft in the direction of renewable energy sources is the implementation of international expansion and the development of its own competencies in this area as an accompanying business.


One of the key focuses of Zarubezhneft’s corporate development strategy — «Technological Leadership» — implies the creation and implementation of new innovative approaches to geological exploration and oil production.

Digital transformation

Zarubezhneft became the first fuel and energy company to approve the Digital Transformation Strategy for 2022-2024 in accordance with the directives of the Government of Russia.