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Environment protection

Since 2019, Zarubezhneft has been supporting the Business and Biodiversity initiative of the Russian Ministry of Nature and Ecology, which is being implemented as part of the federal project Biodiversity Preservation and Ecotourism Development of the Ecology national project.

The agreement between the Ministry and the company is based on the Plan of Priority Measures for the Preservation and Restoration of the Siberian Crane (White Crane) Population in Russia, the FSBI Oksky Natural State Reserve and FSBI VNII Ecology were appointed as the contractors.

With the financial support of the company, the main production facilities of the Nursery of Rare Crane Species of the Oksky State Reserve were repaired: water supply system, boiler house, feed kitchen. An aviary for keeping cranes was restored and insulated, a diesel generator was purchased to ensure the uninterrupted operation of equipment and incubators, a car for production needs. Specialists of the All-Russian Research Institute Ecology made a pilot expedition to Yakutia to collect Siberian Crane eggs from the wild and replenish the genetic diversity of the aviary group of white cranes at the Nursery of the Oksky Reserve.

Since 2018, the company has been implementing the Biodiversity Conservation Program at the Kharyaga field and adjacent areas. In 2020, the Program was updated: the new edition includes lists of flora and fauna species that are indicators of the sustainable state of ecosystems (indicator species), as well as work on the study of the flag species, the wild reindeer.

Since 2021, Zarubezhneft has been implementing the Biodiversity Preservation Program at RUSVIETPETRO facilities. In 2022, based on the inventory assessment of biota and the identification of indicator species, a program was formed to study the valuable communities of wetlands of the Central Khoreyver Uplift to develop a further strategy to minimize adverse environmental impacts and preserve biological diversity.

Zarubezhneft is a multiple winner of ESG ratings and awards:

  • since 2018, it has been a leader among Russian oil and gas companies in the environmental information openness rating;
  • was awarded the «Green Light» award in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency for a comprehensive program for the formation of «green» thinking;
  • became the winner of the award «Best ESG projects in Russia — 2022»;
  • the corporate center and subsidiaries of the Group of Companies have certificates of compliance with ISO 14001 international standards.