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Sustainable development

Zarubezhneft implements the principles of sustainable development in all areas of its activities, focusing on best practices and current changes in the direction of sustainable development and decarbonization.

The company has formed a structure for managing sustainable development factors at the strategic and operational levels, and is constantly working to improve the indicators that affect their achievement. To implement the tasks in the field of sustainable development and decarbonization, the ESG Competence Center was created in the Corporate Center.

In 2022, the company formed a policy on sustainable development and decarbonization, which reflects the main areas of activity in the area of sustainable development and decarbonization, the Supplier Code, which regulates the procedure for interaction with suppliers based on the principles of sustainable development, and the Methodology for assessing climate risks based on international TCFD standards. In addition, an inventory assessment of greenhouse gas emission sources and a calculation of greenhouse gas emissions of all assets of the Group of Companies in all areas of coverage were completed (Scope 1,2,3).

Principles of sustainable development

Improvement of the environmental management system
Development of new types of energy and adaptation of business to a low-carbon economy
Participation in the social and economic development of the regions of operation, strengthening existing partnerships and building effective cooperation with new stakeholders
The desire to ensure the physical, spiritual and social well-being of employees

UN Global Compact

In 2021, the company became a member of the UN Global Compact on the introduction of 10 principles of responsible business conduct into business practice.

Zarubezhneft is committed to 17 UN sustainable development goals, all of which are integrated into corporate practices. Particular attention is paid to 7 priority goals, which to the greatest extent reflect the specifics of the company’s activities.

Environmental protection

Since 2019, Zarubezhneft has been supporting the initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources «Business and Biodiversity», which is being implemented as part of the federal project «Biodiversity Preservation and Development of Ecotourism» of the national project «Ecology».

Labor protection and industrial safety

The policy in the area of labor protection, safety and social responsibility is the basis of strategic planning and management of the company’s activities.

Health protection

For Zarubezhneft, the well-being of employees is one of the key priorities, therefore, in order to maintain health at the workplace, the company launched the NESTRO WELLNESS program in 2021.

Social policy

Zarubezhneft pursues a responsible social policy and contributes to the sustainable development of the regions where it operates. The company’s efforts are aimed at helping socially unprotected segments of the population, indigenous and small peoples. All major enterprises of the Group of Companies are involved in social activities.

Production system

The Production System (PS) of Zarubezhneft is based on an integrated approach to the development of the company, and its implementation makes it possible to ensure the achievement of strategic goals and a flexible response to external challenges.