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Digital transformation

Zarubezhneft, taking into account the growing impact of new digital technologies on business and the need to quickly adapt to changes, has been implementing digital transformation activities established in the corporate Digital Transformation Strategy since 2019.

The digital transformation strategy determines the goals and objectives, the main principles and directions of digitalization within the perimeter of the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies. The strategy is implemented in the interaction of Zarubezhneft with subsidiaries and joint ventures of the Group of Companies in all types of activities.

The goal of digital transformation

Creating competitive advantages for the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies in Russia and abroad, as well as obtaining additional financial results through the large-scale use of digital technologies

Digital transformation is designed to provide competitive advantages and respond to current challenges such as economic uncertainty, demand volatility, declining production at mature fields, the need to develop offshore fields, etc.

The competitiveness and development of a company are inextricably linked with ensuring its operational and financial stability in the process of implementing transformational changes. Zarubezhneft sees significant potential and is already implementing digital solutions in its activities. The success of Zarubezhneft in digital development is, among other things, a competitive advantage when choosing a partner-operator for field development, which is especially important for a company operating both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

The implementation of the Zarubezhneft Digital Strategy is based on 3 principles:

Attention to strategic development focuses

The company intends to actively develop new regions, enter foreign projects, develop additional business areas, including through the implementation of the Digital Transformation Program, which provides for the introduction of digital technologies to reduce costs, optimize processes, and create a single information space

Zarubezhneft as a smart consumer

Integration of proven digital solutions already available on the market (80% of the portfolio of digital projects), and development of own digital solutions only in the areas of the company’s technology focus (20% of the portfolio of digital projects)

Strategic partnerships

Cooperation with partner companies, IT companies and other partnerships. An important point of cooperation is to ensure the mutual exchange of data between partner companies working on similar tasks, which will allow pooling resources for the implementation of large-scale digital projects.

The priority way to attract new digital technologies to a company is to adapt existing digital solutions on the market to improve the efficiency of production and support processes. At the same time, preference is given to domestic production systems, as well as solutions in a high degree of development readiness.

The main areas of activity of Zarubezhneft in the field of digitalization





When forming the project portfolio of the Digital Transformation Program, Zarubezhneft proceeds, on the one hand, from the need to ensure the economic efficiency of investments in digital transformation, and on the other hand, from the need to implement the goals, objectives and achieve the performance indicators established in the Digital Transformation Strategy in full. In terms of the scale of potential benefits, the most promising technologies are artificial intelligence, digital twins, predictive analytics, and big data. The company intends to invest significant resources in the development of these technologies and conduct joint developments with partner companies.

The coordination of the process and information support on digital transformation issues, including the development of the provisions of the Digital Transformation Strategy, the selection of pilot initiatives and digital technologies, as well as interaction with digital transformation regulators and the external innovation environment, is carried out by the Zarubezhneft Digital Transformation Department.

The company has established:

Information security center

Performs information security functions for Zarubezhneft and its subsidiaries, including detection, prevention and mitigation of the consequences of computer attacks and response to computer incidents

Competence Center for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Development of software robots in the interests of structural divisions aimed at reducing labor costs for routine operations, as well as reducing the influence of the human factor on production and support processes

Functional competence center for digitalization of geology and development processes

Implementation of comprehensive digital projects in the area of geology and field development in the interests of the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies

The following committees operate in the company on permanent basis:

  • Digital Transformation Committee chaired by the General Director;
  • Committee for Information Technology and Digital Transformation under the Board of Directors.

Zarubezhneft, following current trends in the oil and gas industry, intends to apply the best global practices in the field of digital transformation and find its own digital solutions that meet the current challenges of the company, taking into account the external situation on the market and sanctions pressure.

You can get information on cooperation issues and send proposals for the implementation / testing of digital solutions in the activities of Zarubezhneft to the email address digital@nestro.ru.