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UN Global Compact

In 2021, the company became a member of the UN Global Compact on the introduction of 10 principles of responsible business conduct into business practice.

Zarubezhneft is committed to 17 UN sustainable development goals, all of which are integrated into corporate practices. Particular attention is paid to 7 priority goals, which to the greatest extent reflect the specifics of the company’s activities.

The company's priority sustainable development goals

Goal 3: Good health and well-being

The company has implemented an industrial safety management system with risk assessment of all production participants. Employees and members of their families are provided with medical care and insurance. Preventive measures are taken regularly.

Goal 7. Affordable and clean energy

Zarubezhneft is increasing the share of gas in its asset portfolio as a more environmentally friendly product, and is also developing the use of renewable energy sources. The company is a reliable supplier of energy resources, including to the markets of developing countries.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Zarubezhneft provides employees with competitive salaries and protects their social, labor and professional interests. The Company supports freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Goal 9. Industrialization, innovation, infrastructure

Zarubezhneft is developing social infrastructure in the regions where it operates. Favorable conditions for innovative activity have been created. A significant share of profits is allocated to research and development activities.

Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production

The Company is implementing a program of energy saving and energy efficiency improvement. An important priority of the activity is the transition to a circular economy — reducing the consumption of natural resources and waste generation, preventing their negative impact on the environment

Goal 13: Combating climate change

Zarubezhneft is reducing associated petroleum gas emissions and modernizing infrastructure facilities. The company holds information sessions on education, adaptation and prevention of the consequences of climate change.

Goal 17: Partnerships for sustainable development

The company cooperates with WWF, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage and the Ministry of Energy. Zarubezhneft actively cooperates with local administrations for the purpose of social and economic development of the regions where it operates.