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Zarubezhneft is confidently heading towards the introduction of advanced technologies both in production and in organizational, managerial and support processes.

Updated Innovative Development Program (IDP) of the company for 2020-2024 (with a perspective until 2030) is aimed at technological support for achieving the goals of the corporate Development Strategy, and is also linked to the Digital Transformation Strategy.

Goals and objectives of Zarubezhneft's IDP

Growth in the efficiency of developing existing assets

Resource base growth

Improving the efficiency of production processes

Obtaining additional financial result through the implementation of IDP

Zarubezhneft's "Single window" system

The company is developing mechanisms for purchasing innovative technologies and products from external suppliers. To remove administrative, financial and informational barriers, facilitate access to R&D in the interests of Zarubezhneft, a system for introducing innovative solutions in the «Single Window» format has been created.

The system provides for a stage-by-stage consideration of suppliers' proposals as they work out their innovative solutions and confirm the declared technical and economic characteristics.

You can send innovative proposals to the email address innovation@nestro.ru.

The IDP implementation coordinator is the Innovative Development Department of Zarubezhneft (email: DAntonenko@nestro.ru, tel.: +7 (495) 748-64-24. ext. 10-12).