Zarubezhneft confirmed its compliance with the provisions of the Anti-corruption charter

In the late 2018 Zarubezhneft JSC successfully completed the procedure of public confirmation of its compliance with the provisions of the Anti-corruption charter which is evidenced by the Certificate of public endorsement received by the Company in June 2019. The comprehensive qualified assessment of anti-corruption measures was carried out by the KPMG consulting company.

The assessment has been carried out in accordance with the anti-corruption measures assessment methodologic guidelines for the purpose of declaring and public confirmation of implementation of the Anti-corruption Charter of the Russian Business’s provisions in the enterprises. In included the analysis of policies, procedures and regulations of Zarubezhneft JSC as well as the information obtained during interviews with the Company’s employees.

The assessment results have shown that Zarubezhneft JSC regularly carries out measures to prevent and identify corrupt violations. In particular, the Company regularly conducts corruption risks assessment, independent corruption audits, a business ethics and corruption prevention training program has been implemented for the employees. The received recommendation will allow Zarubezhneft JSC to improve the efficiency of its corporate corruption prevention system acting on the basis of best practices available in other Russian companies.

Zarubezhneft JSC joined the Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business on March 19, 2014. The public confirmation procedures has once again demonstrated the Company’s dedication to the ethical business conduct and zero tolerance to corruption in any of its forms.